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  • Does it fit my fairing?
    Easily our most asked question. If it's not on our list of approved fairings which is found in the products page we honestly don't know. There are hundreds of different fairings and windshields out there and it's really hard to get our hands on all of them. If you don't see your fairing listed it doesn't mean your sh*t out of luck, just means we haven't got to it yet. We try to add fitment updates every quarter so feel free to check back in a month or two.
  • FML something broke.... Help me please!
    Hey... it happens. Take a deep breath and rest assured that we got you taken care of. Your equipment is covered for a full year from date of purchase. We cover everything from the speakers to the bolts so don't freak out. We will send you a replacement part or unit on our dime for the first 30 days or if its been over a month just pay shipping back and forth and we will get you back to 100%! Download the warranty form below, fill it out, and throw it in your box when you ship it back so we know what to fix. Please make sure to keep your proof of purchase since it will be required to make a claim.
  • Could I get the system wet?
    If you purchased the regular version of our system meaning the non-marine grade speakers then your screwed.... haha just kidding! Yes you could definitely wash your bike, get caught in the rain, all that. BUT you do have to power the system off and let the speakers dry before you power them back on. Now don't go spraying water directly at system and expect it to be ok either. Use good judgment and protect your investment. Now if you have the marine grade version, or "element ready" as Rockford likes to call them, then ignore what we said above and don't worry about getting the system wet at all. We still like to tell people to go ahead and power it down if you are washing the bike or riding in active wet weather. Better to be safe than sorry but if for any reason your speakers dont survive what mother nature threw at it then give us a call and we will get you a new set asap.
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