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How we started


It's simple really, we saw a need for a high quality speaker system for everyone who doesn't ride or even cares to ride a bagger. Why compromise when you could keep your Dyna but still have the best of both worlds? We tested tons of different speaker companies and after a couple fails we found our new go-to company to power our systems and we couldn't be happier with our decision. Rockford Fosgate is simply killin the game when it comes to motorsports!

Contact Us

We are open Monday - Friday 9am-4pm EST

P: 510.319.2222  

E: contact@plexaudio.com

IG: instagram.com/plexaudio

FB: facebook.com/plexaudio

Plex Audio

1220 Huffstetler Dr

Unit 305

Eustis, FL 32726

Interested in becoming a dealer?  Email us at contact@plexaudio.com

Why Plex Audio?


We let our product do the talking for us. When we sat down and designed our systems we had a few key points we wanted accomplished. We wanted to make sure anyone could install our products without having to go to a shop and spend more money. We also wanted to make sure they lasted your everyday abuse or extra abuse for you stunt riders. And of course we needed it to sound superior in every way possible to any stock bagger. Check, Check, and Check.


"80mph+ and with a full face helmet and it's still loud and clear!"


"Super easy install, I was rockin in 45 minutes"


"You  need to hear it in person to understand how loud and clear this thing is."