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Plex XL

Plex XL



Plex XL has only been tested to fit behind the Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairing and the Lowrider ST Fairing. If you purchase and have a different fairing than either of those two you understand that there is a risk it will not fit. Plex XL does not fit on the Fatbob platform.


Introducing the newest audio system to the Plex Audio lineup! One of the main concerns we had with our previous systems was the lack of mids and lows which are really hard to accomplish with a smaller 5-1/4" speaker.  We've been hard at work developing a compact shell that could house bigger speakers to deliver an even louder, clearer, and an all around a better sounding system as a whole. Plex XL fits 6-1/2" speakers which are concealed behing a single "mono-grill" design. We have also beefed up our shell and mounting brackets to support the added weight for extra security. The sound coming out of your bike will 100% drown out your buddies bagger and his/her stock speakers. 


Plex XL Features:

  • Rockford Fosgate 6-1/2" Speakers TMS65
  • Rockford Fosgate 400w Power Series Amplifier T400x2AD
  • Plex Audio Bluetooth Receiver
  • Power Wire Harness
  • New Rotomolded Shell
  • Gusseted Mounting Bracket
  • Road Warrior Mounting Spacers
  • Headlight Spacers


Warranty Information:

One year warranty on all parts and components. If something goes wrong within the first 30 days we cover shipping both ways and will repair or replace the unit no questions asked. If you are past your 30 day window but still within your 1 year warranty you just need to ship your unit to us on your dime and we will repair or replace the unit at no cost to you. Proof of purchase is required so please keep your reciept or order number. Warranty does not transfer over to third party (private sale) owners. Warranty is only valid if purchased from Plex Audio directly or from one of our authorized dealers. Authorized dealers can not handle any warranty issues so please contact us directly if you run into any problems. 



Normal Purchases or non pre-order orders have 15 days from date of delivery to return your system. Plex Audio system must be in new unmounted condition to receive a full refund minus the shipping cost. We will deduct a 25% restocking fee from your refund amount if items arrived used or damaged.  If purchased from an authorized dealer please contact us directly before taking back your unit. 


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