Plex DIY Kit

Plex DIY Kit



DIY Kit:

Plex Audio 2.0 Shell

Back Bracket

Mounting Bracket

Mounting Hardware


For the first time ever we are offering you a chance to save some money by building your own Plex Audio system! Please keep in mind that we designed our shells to fit Rockford Fosgates speakers and amps and can NOT guarantee that other brand equipment will fit. Because there are so many possible combinations of components we are unable to provide you with assembly instructions. There are no refunds or exchanges on our shells or brackets.


Plex Pro Install:

Ship us back your Gen 1 system and we will swap everything for you.

We rewire everything to factory specs

Full warranty on wiring, shell, bracket

We provide shipping label for you to return your gen 1 system


If you are trading up from a our Gen 1 systems please keep in mind that you will be using your original equipment and swapping it over to the new shell if you choose that option. Please protect your components when shipping it back to us. We are not liable for any damages caused during shipping. New warranty is only for the shell and bracket. Your existing warranties are active for 1 year from date of original purchase.


If you wish to upgrade your speakers to marine grade from regular please add the speakers to your cart.


If you are upgrading from a Gen 1 JD/Krator system to a 2.0 JD/ Krator T-Sport system you will need to purchase new speakers. Our 2.0 system uses 5.25" speakers and the Gen 1 JD system uses 6.5" so they will NOT fit. If you are choosing us to install for you please add speakers to your order.


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